Episode 00: Welcome to Reawakening Beauty

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Reawakening Beauty Podcast by Shawna Patruno

Air Date: March 07, 2021

Model, radio host, skin care consultant, brand coach, and founder of Reawakening Beauty Shawna Patruno started her international brand because she needed a support system and didn’t have it! Life threw her a curveball or two, and her health derailed! She was on death’s door. Back on her feet and thriving, she’s ready to share her gained survival skills, how she grew inner and outer beauty, and a powerful manifestation story. Tune in to her podcast, so she can empower you to strive for your full potential and live limitless! Health, wealth, and beauty babes unite!

BIO: Shawna Patruno is a beauty expert, published model, blogger, radio host for ITOC Italian and former contributor for Future Female magazine. She is the founder of Reawakening Beauty, a company which focuses on beauty from the inside out. She is focused on providing mindset, health and skin care tips to help her clients achieve their goals. As a brain aneurysm and eating disorder survivor, Shawna is empowering women and men to reach beyond their limits and see beauty at a soul level.


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SPEAKER WEBSITE: https://reawakeningbeauty.ca/


  • In the Reawakening Beauty Podcast, Shawna will highlight professionals that bust beauty myths, share her skincare tips, and expand your understanding of yourself and others. 
  • In every episode, she’ll be featuring powerful, fierce, gentile, and compassionate women-leaders who strive to build others up.