Episode 02: Making the Impossible, Possible!

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Reawakening Beauty Podcast by Shawna Patruno

Air Date: March 21 2021

Have you ever had an impossible goal and everyone said that it was a pipe dream? Let’s not even talk about your own limiting beliefs! If you have a goal that you’d like to achieve and it seems unfathomable, listen to this episode for some inspiration on how to make your dreams a reality.

BIO: Sarah Arnold-Hall is a High Performance Coach who helps people achieve impossible goals. Her own impossible achievements include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, hiking to Everest Base Camp, walking the red carpet in Hollywood, and she is currently on a mission to hit 100 pushups in a row.


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  • Did you always feel confident? 
  • Can you name a time when your confidence faded and what you did to get it back? 
  • Do many of your clients struggle with the lack of confidence? 
  • Do any of your clients struggle with fear or perfectionism? 
  • How can you boost confidence?


  • Sarah Arnold-Hall is a high performance coach who helps people achieve seemingly impossible things. 
  • Sarah recently began her career, and she maintained a limiting belief that because of her young age, people wouldn’t take her seriously. But, she realized that being in her twenties in the coaching industry could give her an edge. 
  • Self-doubt is the result of inaction. The more you take action and see results, your confidence will grow. 
  • We don’t need to be perfect in all we do. We just have to start and put in the effort to get better.  
  • The discomfort of beginning something new is worth pushing through. 
  • Success is often built off of failure. 
  • Surround yourself with the people who will support and challenge you to become who you want to be. 
  • Break big projects into lists of smaller actions, and start crossing items off the list.