Episode 03: How to have a Ripple Impact sharing your Talents with Chloé Caroline

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Reawakening Beauty Podcast by Shawna Patruno

Air Date: April 18 2021

Chloé Caroline is a songwriter and singer with a new SoCal sound. She writes intimately personal lyrics based on universal experiences that all people can relate to. She just released her new single, “Ready”! On this podcast, she shares everything behind her magic, the power in choosing how we see ourselves, and how to resist the labels people put on us.

BIO: Born and raised on the golden shores of Manhattan Beach, California, Chloé Caroline was immersed in sound from birth. Her father, a musician and filmmaker, filled their house with the eclectic sounds of Fleetwood Mac, Dusty Springfield, and The Rolling Stones mashed up with Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, and Dolly Parton. A gypsy in spirit, Chloé has been writing in journals for as long as she can remember, her lyrics are intimately personal but based on universal experiences that people can relate to. Her new SoCal sound continues to expand her audience and attract continued opportunities to write and collaborate on film, TV, and commercial projects.


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  • What is the story behind your new single, “Ready”? 
  • What allowed you to be ready to make big moves? 
  • What pushed you to be strong against the opposition you faced? 
  • What would your current self say to your younger self? 
  • What is the mission behind your work? 
  • Are there other creative avenues you take beyond your music? 
  • Are there any tips to detach from what everyone thinks of you?


  • Chloe’s new single is about a time when she wasn’t making any big moves because she had to have control of all the details. She was “ready” when she could let go to take huge leaps in her life and career. She was forced to surrender and get rid of her fears. Once she did that, it was time to take action. 
  • She would tell her younger self:
    • Why are you stressing about things that are out of your hands? When you are happy in your current place, everything else falls into place. And, when you look back, you realize that. 
    • At some point in the past, you wanted what you have right now.
    • Right now you have everything you need to be happy. 
    • Expect success. But, don’t try to know what that looks like. 
  • When you find peace within, you are able to make decisions better. You can make them fearlessly. 
  • Chloe’s goal is to bring light, love, and inclusion out of people through her music. 
  • Creativity is ingrained in Chloe. She has made own jewelry line with a bohemian feel and a message that everything is possible. 
  • Don’t post anything on social media other than something for you! Share authentically, with love, and with intention. Don’t do it for the “likes” or the response. Do it for you! Have no expectations for the result. 
  • The right people will always view what you put out to the world at the right time! 
  • Always know your “why”. Chloe’s is bringing joy to the world, one person at a time.