Unsafe…. When you finally have to speak up!!!!!!! Life update …

Over the last 3 months I have felt unsafe and I have had the worst experience for speaking my truth. I was threatened and literally deleted my instagram account to start over and it impacted my business and modelling. When I reappeared I was cyber targeted. I guess it’s a sign of success you have haters.

I haven’t spoke of this but I quit posting and went private and it seems that wasn’t enough so I will be taking further steps to go to the police.

I have minded my business but this is unreal and I’m sick of it impacting my character and Defaming my name and everything I stand for. Sometimes you have to do the things you don’t want to, sad it’s come to this .

Being kind is not always the best thing and safety comes first. I will be speaking with my local authorities, legal representation

If 2020 taught us anything lets not sweep shit under the rugs and deal with the problem head on.

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