Beauty Blog: Serums 101

Today we’re going to be talking a little bit about serums! This blog is for anyone who is concerned with their skin, wants to understand how to better take care of their skin, and learn more about what different products are available. I like talking about everything related to mind, body, skin and soul and I’m writing this blog because I think so many people are not educated enough on their products and exactly how they work. A lot of people just end up buying things off the shelf without understanding what it is they are buying, and this can end up significantly hurting their skin. I’m telling you this because I’ve personally done that in the past when I was first starting out and so I’m going to be the person who will walk alongside you so that you can avoid the same problems I experienced.

A serum is essentially a highly packed power punch to your routine. There are so many different serums on the market for all different skin types. There are ones which have vitamin C, these help with brightening, tightening and lightening the skin. There are hydration serums and there are serums that can help with acne. You have to be very careful which picking which serum is right for you because we all have different skin types. You might think, “oh she knows my skin or he has nice skin”, I’ll just use whatever they are using, but it’s important for you to know that it does not mean that product is suited for you. It’s always best to do a consultation and discover what skin type you have before you go buying stuff off the internet. I’ve seen a lot of people make certain mistakes, such as not knowing how certain products can counter indicate each other, and what happens is they end up hurting their own skin in the long term.

There are different types of serums, I personally like a hydration serum as it’s basically just a water texture. Serums penetrate a little bit deeper down into the skin. There are basically three different layers to our skin, we have the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. Typically commercial skincare is just going work on the top layer but because the molecule structure of a serum is a little bit finer, it actually penetrates deeper within the skin. So, if people are concerned with having an active breakout and they’re using a moisturizer, it’s not really helping to moisturize, that’s because it’s designed to protect the skin barrier from the elements whereas a serum is more corrective. A serum is actually going to give you more of that corrective factor. I always tell people, you’re going to need a basic regime such as a cleanser, and I really do believe in a double cleanse and a serum which is basically the power punch to your routine. So just depending on what you’re trying to target, your skin is going to be different. For myself going into the winter months, I like to use a hydrating serum as this is going to add more water content into the skin because where I live it’s cold and we are constantly going back and forth from the heated indoors and into the frigid weather. This back and forth takes a hit on the skin and basically how your cells are reacting, and if your skin is not properly hydrated, a lot of people don’t know this, but you can’t really do anti-aging. Say you’re going to the gym and you’re doing a workout but you didn’t drink enough water, you’re not really going to do a great workout, your skin cells are kind of the same. Essentially make sure that you’re constantly hydrating your skin. I would recommend looking for products which have hyaluronic acid in them. The one I am using has aloe, hyaluronic acid, a few other ingredients in it.

When you’re applying your serum, what you want to do is press into the skin because the molecule structure is a little finer. I like to actually rub it between my hands and press into my skin. I’m constantly pushing in because I want the molecule structure to go into the deeper layers. I’ll do that my forehead, my face, all over my neck and decolletage. Decolletage is the lower neckline area, and you want to do this because these are all areas that you can see signs of aging, dehydration, acne and so on. You are going to want to use your cleanser and your toner first, then apply your serum and finally your moisturizer. The amount of serum that you’re going to be applying will depend on your face and how far down the neckline you’re going, but I would say about a pump and a half is a good amount. You’re going to rub it between your hands, and then you’re going to start gently pressing it into your skin. Typically, you will apply this on damp skin, especially if you have a hyaluronic acid serum, because the hydronic acid will pull all the moisture from your skin. Afterwards you are going to partner that with a moisturizer. There are different types of serums for acne prone skin but I really wanted to focus this blog on hydration, and if you ask me what is most important thing for your skin, I would say internal hydration and external hydration. So, if you’re going to start off with a serum, just to play it safe and start with hydration. A lot of the times people have dehydration lines and they think it’s aging but it’s actually not, it just means you’re just dehydrated. I would recommend to start drinking eight glasses of water or as much water as you can throughout the day. I believe there is a calculator online based on your weight and your height which will tell you how much water you should be having.

I went out a little bit of a tangent here, but I hope that was helpful. I love sharing all the things related to mind, body, skin and soul and you can find more content on all my platforms. Alright, talk to you later. Bye!

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