Celebrating your own success, why is this taboo?!

Shawna Patruno

In life is it pompous or even selfish to celebrate where you came from and what you accomplished?! To Toot your own horn if you will. Is this a case of a big head or a result of human codependency?!

Last week I realized I accomplished a great deal of my goals I set for myself! Things I worked my ass off for, yet when I told others and they didn’t seem as excited for me as I was. I started to doubt myself and to devalue my own success! I allowed someone else’s opinion to overshadow my own! Why would I do that?! It’s simple, I wanted validation because I felt my own validation didn’t seem big enough.

Let me expand on this whole concept of needing approval. In life, at an early age we start relying on others for approval. When we take our first steps, say our first words, ride our first bike ride etc. Approval approval approval!

You get my point right, basically at a young age we are conditioned to seek approval from others. Unaware of it a lot of this carries over into our adult years. Seeking for others to give us value which we never gave ourselves.

However if you want to be exceptional and unique you need to break the rules and celebrate yourself. Break the mold and realize you are the only person with you forever. Your opinion should matter more than anyone else.

Celebrate that job you worked your butt off to get, that make up look you blew out of the water and starting a whole new venture on your own. Not needing validation is the most validating thing ever.

Very rarely will people treat you the way you feel you deserve to be treated, it’s so important to do it for yourself.

Pop your champagne, take a dream vacation, buy your self that something you wish someone would buy you!


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