A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not share the story!

Behind every picture there’s a story. This saying inspired me to post a series of pictures allowing me express why I post what I do. I wanted to share what I value without a clever joke or quote!

I started thinking, how can I make a human connection in a digital world. Let go of the so called norm and the stigma behind the not so glam and unveil the truth!

Don’t get me wrong, I love taking pretty pictures, if you follow my feed that’s clear! Having a beautiful instagram account is real art, however, so is being true to yourself.

In conclusion, I stopped posting glitz and went raw for a week! I’m not sure if I’ll keep them up, but I wanted to change my norm.

I posted about things I normally wouldn’t normally share. Things like my brain surgery and subsequently memory loss at 18, how I’m so lucky to be alive, my pup and love for animals, the fact I adore jewelry and used to make it in the past and simple pleasures like coffee and a bouquet of flowers!

I look at many images on my feed and very rarely do I know the people behind the images! I just see faces and voiceless ones at that. I have made biases without realizing this is just a picture and not a whole person. I stopped crediting the source. Devaluing or over valuing someone based on a post. How silly does this seem?!

I shared some depth and as a result lost some followers, but hey, I’d rather be me than fake!! I hope more people realize an image is just that, but behind that image is a bigger story!

I intend to go back to the more aesthetically pleasing side, but not before shared some of what makes me who I am (not glamour) and just truth! I got so sick of seeing the same. I wanted to break the linear path I was on.

We can all lose sight of who we are in the noise of the day to day. So I also decided to take a tiny break from social media to realize who I am without comparing to others.

I highly recommend a day or two disconnecting, in order to properly reconnect with your form of reality and remind yourself what makes you unique.

Finding your sense of self in a picture perfect world!

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