Let’s start from a Reawakening moment!

Shawna Patruno,
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We grow through pain and learn through love! This was the year I was woken up!

New Wave and Reawakeningbeauty and why this aligned a blast back into the past!

Breaking boundaries, barriers and the taboo of so called what the norm once was. Let’s start from the beginning! My brand started when I could no longer fake a smile and pretend I wasn’t anxious anymore. I was called one of those robotic people, always smiling, you could insult me and it didn’t seem to bother me. On the outside my life looked good, a steady job, a boyfriend of six years, a cute dog and modelling for two different agencies. However, outward appearances can be deceiving, on the inside I was suffering silently. Social anxiety, low confidence, seeking outside validation and panic attacks were my norm. I had a temper caused from overcoming an eating disorder that I used to numb my Emotions after years of abuse. I realized I was a fucking shit show!

Little segway … suppressed emotions will come out and I can promise you this!

One day I walked into work at Guerlain, where I worked as a counter manager … or better yet I tried to, after hearing my cousin was either said to have been murdered or killed himself. Not my first time hearing tragedy of this level nor was it my last, but this was my transformation.

That day, the fake smile lead me to a connection … My cousin, the one who I always thought understood me, was gone! That week my personal life came crashing down. My friend at the time had said I should simply get over it, that was clear indication that they are no longer my friend. Above all that my romantic relationship was hanging by a thread.

I had been to many doctors after that and they would all say the same thing, “You’re a pretty girl, you’ll get over it. Don’t you know how lucky you are to be alive and functioning at this level after a brain aneurism”… but in my head I felt like an unlovable monster. I felt hideous, stupid, annoying and worst of all… now alone! I have always felt like this, but I would mask it with over working and over giving to friends and family until I had nothing left to give.

“We live in such a toxic world?”
“Is this always going to be my life?”
“Can I actually be happy?”
“What’s my life purpose?”
“How can I marry my dreadful upbringing, loses and sorrow to help anyone and lastly How does toxic skin-care impact your body and your mind?”
I sat and pondered the questions for hours. I had studied law of attraction and Eckhart Tolle’s teachings since 19. I was determined to create something raw and real from this tragedy!

So from that day, out of my worst pain at that moment, Reawakeningbeauty was born!!! A brand that connected my nutrition teachings, with how the mind works, to the power of presence and how to use my unique skills to truly get women and men to be healthy and feel beautiful and never alone!!

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