Journey to Self Love and Confidence!

My own testimonial Thursday in the last 10 years

I struggled with so much inner conflict, but my belief in achieving my dreams has always been higher. Rather than the voices of doubt!

We all have that voice saying what if I can’t?! Have you heard of imposter syndrome? It’s a real thing and it kills dreams! (I’ll train on this another time)

However, I didn’t listen to my head saying I was worthless and acted inspite of it! When someone said no you can’t, my brain said I’ll prove you wrong!

I’m not a hero…Just brave enough to tell self doubt to hit the road! I acted with fear in my belly and still do! Anyone who tells you making changes to your life isn’t scary is lying.

At 19 I became a Zumba instructor with no formal training! I graduated at the top of my class living in a city on my own & got 4 rewards in the process! I worked 3 jobs to pay my bills and babysat on the side!

Want to know the best part?! I did this all while recovering from a severe brain aneurysm, anorexia, polycystic fibrosis, liver problems and social anxiety! During this time my family and friends had given up on me because they found it to be too hard. But I NEVER did!!

I wouldn’t change any of it! I’ll never say that life was unfair, in fact I believe it was my past events that have guided me to a brighter future!

My life now is so different today! I now coach women globally on achieving their goals and growing their mindset! I also model and run a successful business

I have lived a full life and every challenge shaped me into who I am! If I would have said I can’t, could you imagine what I would have missed out on.

Here are some of my life’s journey & memories I collected along the way 💕🌱🌿

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